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Yancheng Mingyang Quartz Products Co., Ltd. is one of the main quartz glass production enterprises in China. The company relies on rich production experience and excellent production technology in the quartz industry, mainly using multiple production methods such as continuous melting method (producing transparent quartz glass tubes and milky white quartz glass tubes), rotating method (producing milky white quartz glass products), and gas refining method (producing stone mounds and quartz sheets) for production. At the same time, our company also produces infrared quartz heating lamps, which are widely used in various industries such as industrial heating, baking, drying, painting, and household appliances.

Our company can also conduct deep processing on quartz glass (the size of quartz tubes can be changed according to customer requirements as semiconductor, solar energy application materials, etc.). It is widely used in optical fiber, semiconductor, electric light source, solar energy, scientific instruments and many other industrial fields.

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Mainly using various process methods such as continuous melting, rotation, and gas refining for production

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Method for distinguishing the quality of quartz slices

Method for distinguishing the quality of quartz slices
Quartz slice has strong high temperature resistance, low coefficient of thermal expansion, good chemical stability, excellent electrical insulation, low and stable ultrasonic delay performance, ultraviolet transmission spectrum performance, visible light transmission and near-infrared spectrum performance, and has higher mechanical properties than ordinary glass. Therefore, it is one of the indispensable excellent materials in modern cutting-edge technologies such as space technology, atomic energy industry, national defense equipment, automation systems, as well as industries such as semiconductors, metallurgy, chemical e...

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What changes will occur after heating the quartz tube?
The expansion coefficient of quartz tube is small, and it will not burst when placed in water immediately after heating. So, in the heating tubes used in heating equipmen...
Cleaning method for quartz tubes
If there is a previously used hydrofluoric acid solution in the cleaning tank, an additional 10 bottles of hydrofluoric acid can be added (prepared by production personne...
The difference between quartz tube and ordinary glass tube
The difference between quartz tubes and glass tubes is that the material of quartz tubes is mainly silicon dioxide, with higher hardness and transparency than glass tubes...
Performance of milky white quartz glass
Property,MQ-U100,MQ-U300/U400,Density,1.92×103kg/m3, ? ? ? ?Density1.92×103kg/m31.95×101.95×103kg/m3,Compression Strength...
Transparent quartz glass performance
性能 Property MQ-100MQ-101MQ-102 MQ-110MQ-111MQ-112 ...
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